Most of the crossovers in Klipsch speakers use autotransformers to match driver sensitivities.  Klipsch crossovers used the following autotransformers.  Values of attenuation in db available with each autotransformer are listed.

T2A(3110A)   -3, -6, -9, -12db

T3A(3465-M)  -6db

T4A(3485)  -4db

T5A(3496)  -6db

T7A(3504)  -10db

T8A(3507)  -8db

T9A(3540)  -3db

T10A(3542)  -9db

T11A         -12db

We have available 3 different autotransformers that can replace the above autotransformers.

Our model 3636 autotransformer can replace any of the above autotransformers.  The model 3636 can attenuate any value between -1 and -12db.  It is a higher quality unit than the originals with a heavier coil and core.  This autotransformer was developed by Universal Transformer to our specs.



Our model 3654 can replace any of the above autotransformer models that use attenuation values of -3, -6, -9 or -12db.  Same high quality coil and core as the 3636 autotransformer but with fewer taps.  With all taps available on one side, installation is easier.  This is our newest autotransformer built to our specs by Universal Transformer.


The 3619 is now discontinued.  I will keep the information on this page about it as just information.

We also keep in stock the model 3619 autotransformer.  Again, same high quality coil and core as the above autotransformers and can attenuate by -3, -6, -9, or -12 db.  This transformer was built to specs for Al Klappenberger by Universal Transformer.  It is intended to be used in the ALK crossovers and can also replace any of the Klipsch autotransformers that attenuate by -3, -6, -9, or -12db.


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