B&K Sound Type A/4500 Crossover

This crossover is another option for the Klipschorn, LaScala or Belle Speakers.

A-4500Hz brich brand

This is a special crossover we have developed to address a couple of issues common to the performance of these speakers with the factory crossovers.  This crossover must be used with our CT125 or CT120 tweeters.  Use of this crossover with the standard K-77 or K-77M is likely to cause damage to the tweeters.

What we are doing with this A/4500 crossover is moving the midrange crossover point down to 4500hz for crossing from the midrange (squawker) to the tweeter.  The original crossover point for this is 6000hz to protect the K-77 tweeter.  The K-77 tweeter is extremely delicate, and can stand very little power lower in frequency than 6000hz.  Problem with this is that the K-55 midrange driver is pressed really hard to reach 6000hz.  It would be much more linear in it's operation if the highest frequencies it has to reproduce were in the 4500hz area.  

So, with the B&K Sound Type A/4500 crossovers, we roll off the midrange at 4500hz and cross to the CT125 or CT120 tweeter at 4500hz.  Most people who have used these report an improvement in the smoothness of the midrange and a better sounding tweeter.

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