Crites Speaker CS-1t

Note: As of 1-9-2022, this speaker is currently unavailable, we hope to have woofer for this model back in stock in early March, 2022.

We have a small speaker that we call the CS-1t indicating an elliptical tractrix curved horn for the HF in this speaker. This is a very exciting speaker that gives great, room filling sound in a bookshelf-sized speaker cabinet.

Internal Parts Required:

Pair of CW1228 woofers  $280.00

Pair of Selenium D220Ti OMF HF Drivers $100.00

Pair of Faital Pro LTH102 Tractrix Horns $200.00

Pair of CS1 Crossovers $385.00

Total for internal parts $965.00

You can purchase these 3 different ways.  

1.  You can get all the internal components for you to use in cabinets you build yourself: $965.00

2. You can get all the internal components and a pair of motorboards and pair of grill frames for you to use with a cabinet you build yourself: $1085.00

3. You can get the speaker completely assembled and tested: $1315.00


Here are links to plans for the CS-1T Cabinet



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