Crites Speaker Style C

The Style C has the Selenium D220Ti tweeter on the Selenium HM 11-25 horn.  All components are flush mounted from the front.  This version uses a "backing board" similar to the one used on the Style B to allow for enough thickness for flush mounting the components.  The cabinet size stays the same as the Style A and B.  To accomplish this, the port was changed to a two port configuration with one vertical port on each side of the cabinet.

The following components are used.

Pair of Selenium D220TI Drivers $98.00

Pair of Selenium HM 11-25 Horns $12.00

Pair of Selenium D405 midrange drivers $348.00

Pair of M2380 horns $190.00

Pair of midrange horn/driver support brackets and pair of 2 inch gaskets $30.00

Pair of CW1526CF woofers $365.00

Pair of CSSS500/5000 Crossovers $385.00

Total for internal parts $1428.00.

You can purchase these 3 different ways.  

1.  You can get all the internal components for you to use in cabinets you build yourself.  ($1428.00)

2. You can get all the internal components and a pair of motorboards and pair of grill frames for you to use with a cabinet you build yourself.  ($1678.00).

3. You can get the Style C completely assembled and tested. ($2128.00).

We have Klipsch Heritage #7 Black grill fabric for $52.00 per yard (36 X 72 inches) plus $15.00 for shipping.  We are not yet at the point we can install the fabric on the grill frame.

We cut the motorboards from Russian Birch.  This is the same material from the same supplier Klipsch is using now for their birch cabinets.

Please contact us if you wish to see the cabinet drawings.


This would include both of the pair assembled with grill frames and picked up here at our shop.  Shipping to you would be additional.  We will place them on a pallet with padding and a plastic wrap coating for shipping.  Weight is somewhere around 300 pounds ready to ship.  If you have a commercial address for us to ship to, the shipping will be a lot less than shipping to a residence.  We have also many times shipped to a FedEx Freight center near the customer for the customer to pick up there.




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