Crossover Repair Kits

We can make up a repair kit for your Klipsch crossovers.  We use High Quality Polypropylene in our kits for all signal path capacitors.  We use non-polarized electrolytics for the woofer roll off circuit.  For the crossovers which are built on wood, we provide mounting blocks and tie wraps with the caps.  We also send the applicable schematic drawing with our rebuild kits.  If you have reasonably good soldering skills, you should be able to rebuild your own crossovers with one of our kits. 

You may also send your crossovers to us for the rebuild.  When we do the rebuild, we will also test the crossover after the rebuild using a spectrum analyzer to verify that the crossover functions to factory specs.  

You can normally find your crossover type on a label on the edge of the crossover.

  This is an original Type AA.


This is the same crossover after rebuild.


Rebuilding a Set of Type AA Crossovers

Klipsch crossovers that we make up rebuild kits for and that we will rebuild for you if you want us to do the work.

Type A

Type AA

Type AK-3

Type AL-3

Type B

Type B-2

Type B-3

Type Cornwall II

Type E

Type E-2

Type Heresy II

Type Forte

Type Forte II

Type Chorus

Type Chorus II

Type KLF-10

Type KLF-20

Type KLF-30

Type KLF-C7


Type KG-4

Type KG-5.5

Others may be available.

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