Electro-Voice Crossovers

We get requests for the various types of older EV crossovers.  We have built several of those and thought it might be good to offer those here.

The old EV crossovers like the X6, X8, X36, X336 and X2635 were not really rebuildable since they are potted in tar.  We are able to build any of those crossovers.

UPDATE 9-9-2021

Due to parts issues, I have having some difficulty sourcing inductors for these designs. Please check with me to see if I am able to build these when you are wanting to order.

Here is a picture of our replacement crossover for the EV X336.

Price of a pair of these would be $250.00 plus $15.00 for shipping in the US.

We can ship worldwide.  Customers from outside the US, please contact us for a shipping quote.


Some of the EV speakers used a two of the EV 2-way crossovers, the X8 and X36, connected together to make a 3-way crossover.  We have developed a design that combines the function of those two crossovers on a single board.  That is a bit more cost effective than building the X8 and X36 crossovers separately.  Our price for a pair of the combination X8/X36 crossovers is $300.00 plus $15.00 for shipping in the US.  Customers outside the US, please contact us for a shipping quote.

Here is a picture of a pair of the B&K Sound X8/X36 16 ohm combination.


We now also offer the EV X-8/X36 as an 8 ohm version.


We can now build L-pad boards for the EV crossovers.  This board would be $100.00 per pair added to the EV X8/X36 when we build those crossovers.  We can build these with either 8 or 16 ohm L-pads.  Here is a picture of our EV X8/X36 with L-pad board.


The back of the L-pad board


Then there is the Electro-Voice Patrician 800.  We were happy to have the chance to build a new pair of crossovers for a set of these magnificent speakers.  We had rebuilt a pair of the original crossovers before, but this time we got to build them from scratch.  A complex crossover compared to most we have built before, but after all, it is a 4 way.

A couple of pictures of the finished product.  Price for a pair including the L-pads would be $625.00


EV Patrician 800 4-way Crossover


If you are interested in any of the other EV crossovers listed above, contact me by email or phone for a price.  Please be aware that if your speaker uses any external pots of L-pads, those would not be included with the crossover.

B & K Sound, 1925 East Gum Log Rd. Russellville, AR, 72802 phone-479-967-1542