K-53 Diaphragm Replacement

This is a set of instructions for replacing the K-53 type midrange diaphragm.  This diaphragm is used in many Klipsch speakers including the Heresy II, Cornwall II, Quartet, Forte, Forte II, Chorus, Chorus II, KLF Series, and others.

Includes the following drivers:

K-53-K, K-52-K, K-52H, K-57-K, K-58-K, K-59-K, K-61-K, and K-62-K.

Here is a set of steps with pictures for this procedure.

The one we are doing here is a K-53 midrange horn and driver from a Klipsch Heresy II.  All of the drivers that use this diaphragm are similar.

Heresy II K-53K


Notice polarity (positive terminal) is marked in yellow on this original Klipsch diaphragm.


Remove the 4 phillips head screws that hold the horn, diaphragm and magnet assembly together.


Separate the horn from the diaphragm and magnet assembly.  Notice two locator pins on the horn that mate with the holes in the plastic part of the diaphragm assembly.


You will reuse the gasket.


Notice the locater pins that are on the magnet assembly.  Those mate to corresponding holes in the plastic diaphragm assembly.  So the magnet assembly is keyed to the diaphragm assembly and the horn is keyed to the diaphragm.  Also notice that you could install the horn or magnet assembly in two positions.  This is fine and would not effect operation either way.


Clean out the magnet gap.  I like to use a sticky note folded with the sticky on the outside.  Run this around the gap and take it out to see if it is clean.  Continue to do this until it comes out clean.


OK, time to reassemble the driver.  Notice the new replacement diaphragm has polarity (positive) indicated by a silver mark.


Place the new diaphragm on the locator pins and press it down snug.


Install the horn.  Place the horn locator pins into the holes in the plastic part of the diaphragm.  Start all four screws and tighten the alternately to uniformly press the assembly together.  


OK, job done.

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