K-77F Magnet Assembly With Diaphragm

OK, this is an interesting product we now have avaiable.  As some of you know, quality diaphragms have been unavailable for the Klipsch K-77 tweeters for some time now.  The one for the current production K-77F and K-77D when available are good, but seem always to be in short supply.  Then there is the other problem that comes along pretty frequently where the pole piece comes loose in the K-77M (square magnet) tweeter and the magnet assembly becomes trash.  This product can take care of both of these problems and is even usable with the older K-77 (round magnet) tweeters.  With this magnet assembly and diaphragm, you can now have a new tweeter using your original horn.

We will include new wires with these so they will be ready to connect to your crossovers.

K-77F Magnet Assembly-New never used before.


Now some instructions on how to turn your old K-77M (square magnet) tweeter into a new one.


Remove the four phillips screws.


Separate the magnet assembly and old diaphragm from the K-77m


Remove the bug screen and gasket from the old horn and place them on the new magnet assembly.


Place horn on top of the magnet assembly.


Hold parts together and turn the tweeter over so it is resting on the horn.


Put the screws into the new magnet assembly and tighten.  Done.


Now, we can discuss doing this same procedure on the K-77 (round magnet) tweeter.


Remove the four screws from the K-77 magnet assembly.


Separate the magnet assembly from the horn.  In this case, the bug screen is probably glued to the magnet assembly, so separate it by prying it up with a knife.


Straighten out the screeen and place in position on the new magnet assembly.


Place original horn in position on the new magnet assembly.


Hold the tweeter together while turning it over to set on the horn.


Notice that the screws you removed from the K-77 (round magnet) tweeter are much too long for this magnet assembly.  You need 4 1 1/2 inch 8-32 screws.


Install the screws.




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