Klipsch Midrange

On the first part of the page we will be dealing with the drivers for the Klipschorn, Belle Klipsch, Lascala, Cornwall 1 and Heresy 1.

We now have new replacement diaphragms for the midrange driver in the Heresy II, Cornwall II, Quartet, Forte, Forte II, Chorus, Chorus II, KLF Series and some other Klipsch speakers that use this same type diaphragm.  Scroll down the page for information on this type of driver.

We have diaphragms for the Klipsch K-55 midrange drivers.  We can either provide the diaphragm to you for you to replace or we can do that work for you.

K-55V driver made by Atlas Sound


Same driver as it comes from Atlas, the PD-5VH


K-55M driver made by ElectroVoice


Sort of an odd one.  The K-51V Ceramic magnet driver made by Atlas was used by Klipsch for a short time in the early 1980s perhaps used only in the Klipsch Cornwall speaker.  Uses the same diaphragm as the K-55V.

K-51V ceramic magnet driver made by Atlas Sound.


The K-55V (Alnico magnet) driver diaphragm replacement is pretty easy.  There is no diaphragm available for the K-55M (Ceramic magnet) driver.  There is a way, however. to use a modified K-55V diaphragm in the K-55M.

Click for instructions on Replacing the K-55M diaphragm.

One little maintenance item that you should do on any of these drivers.  There is a round rubber gasket that seals the driver to the horn.  If your speakers are 20 or more years old, you would probably find that the gasket has deteriorated to the point it does not seal the driver to the horn properly.  We have replacements for these gaskets.

Horn to driver gaskets.


Other Klipsch Midrange Drivers.

This section addresses the midrange driver for the Klipsch Heresy II, Cornwall II, Quartet, Forte, Forte II, Chorus, Chorus II, and KLF Series speakers.

This includes the following Klipsch midrange drivers:

K-53-K, K-52-K, K-52H, K-57-K, K-58-K, K-59-K, K-61-K, and K-62-K.

Beginning in the early to mid 1980s, we see a different type of midrange driver from those above used in some Klipsch speakers.  This driver is derived from a Heppner driver and adapted by Klipsch.  Early versions of this driver had the phase plug as a separate metal piece that was in front of a plastic piece holding the diaphragm. This type also had a threaded metal "nose" that allowed it to be screwed onto a horn.


Klipsch then refined this design to include the phase plug as a molded part of the plastic holder for the diaphragm.  So, when you replace the diaphragm on this early type, you will also be replacing the phase plug which is now part of the diaphragm assembly and leaving out the original metal phase plug.


K-52-H with threaded nose.  New diaphragm installed shown here with left over phase plug.


As this design evolved, most of these drivers became the bolt on type with four screws holding the driver to the horn.


Instructions for replacing this type diaphragm

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