Klipsch Tweeters

We offer new diaphragms to repair many different Klipsch tweeters. 

K-77 and K-77M Tweeters

We now have in stock the diaphragms for the K-77M tweeters.  This is the diaphragm preinstalled in the plastic diaphragm housing.  This is the correct one for the K-77M square magnet tweeters.  It will also work in the K-77 alnico (round magnet) tweeters, but in that case, the plastic diaphragm mount will replace the original metal diaphragm mount.  The tweeter will look somewhat different after that replacement, but will perform well.

These diaphragm are the ones that Klipsch uses now in the new K-77F tweeters in the Lascala III and Klipschorn.

These are the only diaphragms now available for these tweeters that produce a good frequency response.  

This link will take you to a new webpage that has some instructions for installing the new diaphragm kits.

Installation of the K-77 T-35 kit

Klipsch K-77 Alnico (round magnet) Tweeters.  


Click here for Rebuild Instructions.  These instructions will cover the Klipsch K-77 and the EV T-35 Alnico Tweeters.

These tweeters were manufactured by Electro-Voice for Klipsch until about 1979.  We have the correct diaphragms for these tweeters made by the same company that originally made them.  

These are 8 ohm phenolic diaphragms with copper-beryllium leads. The copper-beryllium leads allow better performance and higher power handling capability than earlier diaphragms.


K-77M Ceramic (square magnet) Tweeters.

Click here for Rebuild Instructions for the K-77M or EV T-35A.



These tweeters were also manufactured by Electro-Voice for Klipsch from about 1979 to around 2002.  For these tweeters, the diaphragms above may be used, or we also have available diaphragm kits which include the diaphragm pre-mounted in the plastic diaphragm mount.  No soldering required for these kits.


One more Klipsch tweeter to discuss here.  That is the K-77F.  The K-77F is a clone of the K-77M that Klipsch has made in the Philippines.  First use of this tweeter was in about 2002.  It is basically just a copy of the Electro-Voice manufactured K-77M with minor differences.  This tweeter uses the earlier style of diaphragm like the earlier EV tweeters without the improved performance of the copper-beryllium leads.  The same diaphragms shown above can be used to rebuild the K-77F.

Klipsch K-77F shown with the Z-brackets which are used to flush mount the tweeter.


Here is a later version of the K-77F.  This version in used in the current production Klipsch Heritage speakers.   In this version, the horn has been redesigned to incorporate mounting tabs on the horn to eliminate use of the Z-brackets for front flush mounting.  Uses the same diaphragm as the above K-77F.


Many of the K-77 Alnico tweeters can only make it to around 12 khz.  The ceramic magnet K-77Ms can get up to around 16 khz.  For a smoother response and for more extended high frequencies (up to 20 khz) and for a more durable and more musical tweeter, we offer our CT-125 replacement for the K-77 and K-77M tweeter.  

Our CT-125 tweeter has an Eminence driver and the horn is our design.  It is an exact replacement for the K-77 and K-77M.  You simply remove the original tweeter and replace it with ours.  No changes to the crossover or to the cabinet.

Crites CT-125 Tweeter


Some later model Klipschorns and Belle Klipsch speakers have a set of brackets attached to the factory tweeter.  These models also have a larger cut-out hole in the motorboard than the older models.  This combination of the larger hole and the z-brackets attached to the tweeter allow the horn of the tweeter to be extended through the hole in the motorboard so that the horn is flush with the front of the motor board.  We also supply our tweeters with the z-brackets attached to replace the ones that are flush mounted.

CT125 With Z-brackets attached



For the tweeters used in the Heresy II, Forte, Forte II, Chorus, Chorus II, KG series and some others, a different type of tweeter is used.  We also have diaphragms for those tweeters.  These include the following tweeters:

K-76, K-74, K-75, K-76, K-79, K-83, K-84, K-85, K-88, K-90, K63, K74, K75, K76, K83, K84, K85, K88, K90

For these tweeters, we offer a  new titanium diaphragm.  For every case, the titanium is better.  Smoother in response and extends much higher.  The titanium diaphragms are very flat in frequency response all the way out to beyond 20khz.  

Click link for rebuild of these tweeters.

Titanium Diaphragm


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