Klipschorn After 1982


Up until around 1983, the Klipshorn had its components configured like the other speakers of the Heritage line, that is, a crossover with a terminal strip where all the drivers and the input to the speaker connected.  After that time, the Klpschorn configuration was changed.

Later model (1983 or later) Klipschorns with the beginning of the AK series crossovers, became much more difficult to perform any maintenance on.  All connections everywhere are soldered and the crossover is made in two parts.  The squawker and tweeter crossover elements are on a wooden board located in the top of the Khorn and the woofer crossover components are located inside the woofer door.  

So, to do almost any work on these later model Klipschorns, I recommend that you be ready to do extensive rewiring of the speaker.  To replace the AK, AK-2 or AK-3 crossovers with one of our replacements, you will need to be able to work through this wiring problem.  Our new crossovers will all come with a terminal strip and all the components will be on the one board that mounts where the original crossover was in the top of the Khorn.  That means you will need to remove and or at least bypass all the original woofer crossover components inside the woofer door and then connect the woofer to the appropriate terminals on the new crossover's terminal strip.

Good news is that after you complete this process, any future repairs, like replacement of the tweeter, midrange driver or crossovers will be a much easier process since then the terminal strip will be available to disconnect and help make the change out much easier.

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