New Tweeter Replacement for the Klipsch K-77 and K-77M


We are announcing a new tweeter to be used as a direct replacement for the Klipsch K-77, or K-77M tweeters.  This tweeter is also a direct replacment for the EV T-35.  For several years, we have had our CT125 tweeter that is used to replace the tweeters listed above.  We will still be producing the CT125 as a lower cost option.  The new tweeter, the CT120 wil use a higher quality driver, the B & C DE120 8 ohm driver.  The horn will be the same horn as our CT125 uses and is similar in appearance and performance of the original EV made tweeter horns.

Some Pictures of the CT120 Tweeter.

IMG 1397
IMG 1399

If your tweeter now has Z-brackets to flush mount the tweeter, we can supply those with the new tweeters.

IMG 1406

We will provide wire with each new tweeter so you can easily connect it to your crossover.

IMG 1453

For those interested, here is a trace of the frequency response of the CT120 compared to the K-77M tweeter.  This trace has some smoothing. Red trace is the CT120, blue trace is the K-77M.

k77m&de120 smooth

For those wanting a trace completely raw (no smoothing) here is that one.  Red trace is the CT120, blue is the K-77M.

k77m & de120

This tweeter should install easily in all of the Klipsch speakers that used the K-77 or K-77M.  One slight change may have to be made to some Klipschorns.  This tweeter lenght is greater than the K-77.  Some Klipschorns have the wooden brace installed pretty close to the front of the “home plate” top of the Khorn.  For any that may be too close, removal of the “Home Plate” may be necessary to install the tweeter.  For some, you may even need to relocate the brace slightly to the rear to have enough room to install.

IMG 1460

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