Prices-Autotransformers, Capacitors and Inductors

Autotransformers, price is for one, a pair would be double that price.  Shipping for a pair of these in the US would be Free by Priority Mail.  I will ship worldwide.  Customers outside the US, please contact me for a shipping quote.

Model 3654  $110.00/pair (Contact Me)

Model 3636  $120.00/pair Buy Now

We use High Quality Polypropylene Capacitors - Typically Sonicaps or Dayton Capacitors (may vary by avilability and best options for your specific speaker) for the signal path capacitors in our crossover kits, our crossover rebuilds and new crossovers.  So, we keep stock of all the values we typically use for that work.  


Price list for Sonicaps we normally stock.  Shipping for any amount of these would be $15.00 by Priority Mail in the US.  Customers in other countries please contact us for a shipping quote.


1.0uF/200VDC $18.62

1.5uF/200VDC $23.26

2.0uF/200VDC $24.24

2.2uF/200VDC $24.62

2.5uF/200VDC $26.33

3.0uF/200VDC $28.84

4.0uF/200VDC $33.82

5.0uF/200VDC $38.11

6.0uF/200VDC $39.73

7.0uF/200VDC $41.23

8.0uF/200VDC $41.63

8.2uF/200VDC $41.75

10.0UF/200VDC $42.54

12.0UF/200VDC $43.42

13.0uF/200VDC $45.56

15.0uF/200VDC $46.27

16.0uF/200VDC $49.43

17.0uF/200VDC $54.45

18.0uF/200VDC $53.70

20.0uF/200VDC $56.15

30.0uF/200VDC $77.63

Inductors made for us by Universal Transformer.

We have several different inductors made for us by Universal Transformer.  Shipping on these may vary, but would be a maximum of about $20.00.  On these contact me and I can figure the shipping on the ones you want.  


0.62mH Iron Core $18.00

1mH Iron Core $18.00

1.3mH Iron Core $18.00

1.35mH Iron Core $18.00

1.5mH Iron Core $18.00

1.6mH Steel Core $18.00

1.75mH Iron Core $18.00

2mH Iron Core $18.00

2.5mH Steel Core $18.00

2.75mH Steel Core $18.50 

3.0mH Steel Core $19.00 

3.5mH Steel Core $19.50

4.0mH Steel Core $20.00 

5.0mH Iron Core $21.00

6.0mH Iron Core $22.00

100uH Air Core $16.00

125uH Air Core $16.00

160uH Air Core, $16.00

200uH Air Core $16.00

245uH Air Core $16.00

500uH Air Core $17.00

500uH Ferrite Core $16.00

3.0mH Ferrite Core $19.00

5.0mH Ferrite Core $20.00

Other values may be available or we may be able to adjust an inductor to the exact value you need.  Contact us for more information.

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