Speaker Cabinets

We have Just built a woodworking shop and have installed a 4 X 8 CNC Router in the shop.  People have been asking us for years about how to get cabinets built and now we can help with that.  

We are just learning how this machine works and how to cut various parts with it. At first we are going to concentrate on building some of the different motor boards.  As we get more of them worked out, we will post pictures and other information on them here in this page.  Often, a person building speakers can easily handle all of the cabinet work except the motor board. That is really the only complicated part for most speaker builds.

Motor Board for Heresy I

These are cut from Russian Birch.  Price is $60.00 per pair.  Customers will need to send me their shipping address and I can quote shipping by FedEx.  


Motor Board for Heresy II

Also cut from Russian birch.  Price is $80.00 per pair.  Please email your address and I can figure FedEx shipping.


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