Speaker Fabric

UPDATE 10/2’2014

The fabric used by Klipsch for many years was the Klipsch Heritage #17.  That is what we have been selling up until now.  Recently production of that fabric was discontinued.  Klipsch has selected another fabric to be used on the Heritage speakers.  We now have that fabric in stock.  It is the Klipsch Heritage #7.  From now on, that is the fabric we will be selling.  It is similar to the previous fabric in appearance but not exactly the same.

Below is a close up comparison picture of the two fabrics.  The current fabric (#7) is the larger piece in the picture.  The smaller piece is the discontinued (#17) fabric.


We have in stock the same speaker grill fabric currently used in the current production Heritage Klipsch speakers.  A yard of this material is 36 X 72 inches. All shipped pieces need to be cut into these 36 X 72 inch pieces because of the difficulty and expense of shipping a package longer than that.  I can ship one or two yards, (one or two 36 X 72 inch pieces) in a USPS Priority Mail 38 X 6 inch triangular shipping box.  The material must not be folded or the crease may become permanent, so I will ship it rolled on a 2 inch round form and in the box mentioned above.

Below are some pictures of the fabric.

Rolled up for shipping.


Closer shot of the new fabric.


Original fabric on a 1976 Klipsch Khorn.


Original fabric on a 1981 Klipsch Heresy.


Original fabric on a 1971 Cornwall


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