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Construction Alert!

We are making some updates and changes to our website and product lines - bear with us while we are working on these things! If you are unable to find something that you need, please email us and we will be happy to help! A bunch of pictures will be broken for a bit, but we are working on taking new pictures as quickly as possible!

Customers outside of the US: Please contact us if you want to purchase multiple items so we can provide the most up to date shipping price. I DO ship internationally. Please email me at with which items you need and where you are located and I will be happy to work up a quote for you.

Now Hear This!

Crossover and Rebuild Kit Rearrangement

We are now offering our crossover networks and our rebuild kits in three poduct tiers: Gold, Silver, and Copper

Rebuild Kits are priced for a pair (2) speakers except in the case of a center channel speaker rebuild kit.

For Crossovers, Gold will be what we formerly called "Series 1" and will include Sonicaps in the direct signal path along with high quality inductors from Universal Transformer. Silver will use high quality Erse polypropylene capacitors in the direct signal path and a combination of Universal Transformer inductors and Erse inductors. Copper will include Mylar/Polyester Erse capacitors in the direct signal path along with good quality Erse inductors.

For Rebuild kits, we will use the same tier names: Gold with Sonicaps, Silver with Erse Polypropylene capacitors, and Copper with Mylar/Polyester capacitors.

Each of these tiers will give you excellent performance while allowing you to select the price point that best suits your needs.

Our Speakers

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New Crossovers for your Speakers

We have new crossovers for most Klipsch speakers that are 20 years old or older.

New Crossovers

Crossover Rebuild Kits

We have parts kits to rebuild most older Klipsch crossovers as well - We provide these as Sonicaps or Dayton Caps

Crossover Rebuild Kits

Tweeters, Woofers, Midrange Drivers

We have high quality replacemnt drivers and diaphragms for many Klipsch products.

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Capacitors for your DIY projects!

We have Polypropylene and Mylar/Polyester capacitors for your DIY Crossover projects.


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