ALK Designed Universal III Crossover - Pair - Free US Shipping!

ALK Designed Universal III Crossover - Pair - Free US Shipping!

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This is a new crossover design based on the ALK 'CSW' crossover and designed and built with his blessing and cooperation.

These networks work great in the the following speakers: Klipschorn, LaScala, Belle, Cornwall 1, Heresy 1, and Crites Speaker Style A, B, and C.

They replace the following crossover designs: Type A, Type AA, Type A-4500Hz, Type AL, Type AL-2, Type AL-3, Type AL-4, Type AL-5, Type AK, Type AK-2, Type AK-3, Type AK-4, type AK-5, Type AB, Type AB-2, Type B, Type B-2, Type E, Type E-2, CSS500/5000Hz, CSSS500/5000Hz

These networks are designed for and only offered with Erse 1% capacitors along with high quality low-loss Litz wire air core inductors with an iron core inductor in the woofer circuit.

The low frequency crossover is roughly 400 or 600Hz (actually determined by the acoustic properties of the woofer and midrange driver.

A specially designed autotransformer having low DC resistance tight coupling provides taps to allow squawker level setting changes by the customer. The choices will be 1 to 18 dB in 1 dB steps, Attenuation is selected without soldering by push-on terminals and without cryptic setting tables. The attenuation settings are clearly written by each tap in dB units. The normal setting will be 6 dB. This adjustment will also allow the use of 8 or 16 Ohm squawker drivers without modification.

A adjustable L-Pad is provided to allow the user to select 2, 4, 6, or 8dB attenuation on the tweeter level.

The crossover network provides a constant 6 or 8 ohms load impedance to the amplifier.

These crossovers are hand-built to order and may be a few days to two weeks before shipping as we get started in our production process.

NOTE: This is a product of B&K Enterprises, it is not made by Klipsch and B&K Enterprises has no affiliation with Klipsch. Manufacturer names and logos are trademarks of their respective companies are are used only to identify their products.