HIE Crossover - Pair, New - FREE US Shipping!

HIE Crossover - Pair, New - FREE US Shipping!

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This is a new HIE crossover to replace the original. It is built with the same circuit design as the original, but uses higher quality parts.

Our crossover networks are all offered now in three versions which you can select from the pop-up menu:

Copper Edition with Mylar/Polyester capacitors and excellent quality inductors sourced from Erse.

Silver Edition which uses high quality Erse Polypropylene capacitors and a higher grade primary inductor in the woofer circuit.

Gold Edition uses the highest quality Sonicaps that we source along with the highest quality inductors in all positions in the circuit.

Each of these network levels will provide excellent improvement over the original stock crossovers with each level gaining further improvement and refinement in technical quality and sound quality of the network.

The picture shows a typical pair of these crossovers. The pair you get may not look exactly the same as this picture since each is hand wired and each block is different. 

Also, some parts may be substituted. All parts used will be of equal or better quality than the example shown in the picture. Each will be individually tested to ensure performance. Shipping will be FREE inside the US including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. We will ship worldwide. See shipping calculator for rates to other countries.  

NOTE: This is a product of B&K Enterprises, it is not made by Klipsch and B&K Enterprises has no affiliation with Klipsch. Manufacturer names and logos are trademarks of their respective companies are are used only to identify their products.